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Do What You Love


I remember reading a book many years ago called “Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow”. I don’t necessarily agree that it is always possible to make money doing what we love but I do think that there’s a good chance we can create paid work for ourselves that reflects our preferences if we get clear on what we value and love to do.

I have always been fairly organized and love creating systems for keeping track of all the household items that take up space and energy in our home. I am blessed with an excellent memory and attention to detail that are very useful when doing de-cluttering and organizing. I have never been afraid of physical hard work, dust, dirt, bugs or piles of mystery items in the corner of a basement or bedroom. I love a challenge and the idea of taking a messy, disorganized and unhealthy space and making it orderly and functional is fun to me! That’s why I am thrilled to do it for other people who are not interested or overwhelmed by the idea of going through the boxes they have hidden in the basement and buried under out of season clothes and sports equipment. There’s a bit of the explorer in me and I love when my clients excitedly say ‘hey, I’ve been looking for that!” Hidden treasure can be as simple as a missing receipt for income taxes or the one shoe from a favorite pair that you couldn’t find.

So I am loving the organizing side of my coaching business and realizing how we gravitate to the things we are most comfortable with and love to do. I am naturally inclined to be organized and to think in a way that supports maintaining systems to stay organized. Working with my clients is very much like playing for me.

What I am not comfortable with or inclined to spend time learning is style and fashion. I really dislike clothes shopping and having to make decisions on what to wear. If I could wear the same shirt and pair of jeans every day I would. I definitely like to look nice, and want to wear fashionable things, but I find the process of keeping up with current styles, accessories, colours and seasons irritating and frustrating. So I just always stick to the boring basics.

In accepting the fact that not everyone is organized and wanting to spend hours sorting through their linen closet, I could also accept the fact that not everyone likes to shop for clothes. I let myself off the hook for not “trying hard enough” to like shopping. And I asked for help. My next-door neighbour and long-time friend Elizabeth always looks great. She loves to pick up bargains and can put together an outfit in minutes with the right accessories and shoes for a very reasonable price. So I asked her if she would be interested in being a personal shopper for me. She loved the idea! She came over and we looked at what I already had (which was pitiful to say the least) and talked about what I like, my comfort zone in relation to style and colour and my budget. Then she went shopping for me! She spent a week putting together a wardrobe of over 20 items that all mixed and matched, got me a couple of accessories and a pair of shoes that would coordinate and voilà! I am set for the summer. She managed to find almost every item on sale, and came in under budget. I was amazed and so grateful to walk into her home and have it all set up for me. That to me is priceless and I am loving getting up in the morning to see what outfit I will wear today.

She told me it was great fun for her and a wonderful challenge. So when I am in someone’s bedroom organizing their clothes and eliminating clutter to create order and serenity for them, I’m happy and fulfilled. When Elizabeth is out looking for bargains to get me a new mix-and-match wardrobe, she is enjoying herself and adding value to my life. We are doing what we love, and it doesn’t feel like work. So figuring out what you enjoy is the first step. Then you can decide if what you love doing is potentially of service to others. That’s where the money can follow if you choose to pursue your love as paid work. So get creative and go for it! The world may very well need what you have to offer.

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