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Do I Have To?


I am what they call a “late adopter” in the technology world. My phone is not smart and it can only call or text. I read my email when I get home to my computer, which is a much loved but “ancient” desktop Mac from 2007. I have no Facebook friends and don’t use Twitter. I find myself getting cranky when I’m told I need to embrace the way things are and get myself involved in social media networking. I feel like the Borg have arrived and “resistance is futile”.

So is it just that I love old-fashioned communication of talking to people in person or in full sentences, or that I am resistant to change? I would say it’s a bit of both. I do like technology and find it fascinating, I just don’t care to get caught up in the latest and greatest.

Having said that, when I finally accepted that I needed to create a website last year, I did it myself. My dear neighbour Michael told me I could use the iWeb function on my Mac and off I went to learn. The screen shot above is the Greeting page of my fun little website that worked - except when I wanted to edit information or upload blog entries. Sigh. It was nothing but frustration. I have a wonderful host in Scott from but the hoops I had to jump through to update my site were challenging as the iWeb technology was not flexible. So here I am again, building another website. I couldn’t even just transplant the old one, which I loved, as the new program had fixed templates. So I had to go outside my comfort zone and start over.

For someone who is not technical, and not particularly knowledgeable about how it all works, creating my own website has been fun and a great learning experience. I still know next to nothing about websites but I can take a template, add text and pictures and voilà! It really reflects me and I like it. I hope you like it too.

The pictures you find on the website are all by my husband Phil. They have been cropped and photoshopped by my friend Nancy,from Thank you both for your beautiful eye.

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