authenticity 101

And Life Gets In The Way


Don’t you just love all the excuses we come up with when we don’t get to something we said is important? Part of the problem for me, and I imagine for most of us, is that if I don’t actually set a goal, or a timeline, it keeps getting dropped to the bottom of the to-do list as life gets busy and I juggle the priorities.

Blogging is not happening very often for me (and I have lots of reasons that I won’t bother listing here) as it never makes it to the top of the to-do list. The main reason being that I haven’t actually set up a goal for blogging. This Queen of calendars and time management has not written down “I will write a blog every Thursday that falls on a full moon”. Or whatever schedule I decide works for me. I am fully aware that if I don’t see it in the calendar or on a to-do list, in writing, it doesn’t exist and I will keep putting if off indefinitely.

Yet I know how powerful it is when we write things down. It makes them real and therefore possible, no longer just a thought in our head but a concrete item to do. I have had amazing things happen when I took the time to write my goals and use photos or words to embody what I wanted to accomplish. In fact, it’s a mystery why I don’t do it more often as the results are often spectacular. Maybe it’s the knowledge that it does work and there’s fear of too much of a good thing.

Well, here I am finally writing another blog entry. And I will put a note in my calendar reminding me when I need to write the next one. Let’s see if I can show up here more often in the next few months!

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