authenticity 101


Super short blog. Haven't updated my website in almost 4 years. Lazy, frustrated by technology, busy doing other things … whatever. I set my intentions this year and one of my goals was to get my website situation under control. This is stage one. Accessing it and making small changes. Step two will be shifting the look and adding new content. I just did a little happy dance that I was able to figure out how to import my old website into the new software. Yes, even dinosaurs like me can figure it out.

Big shout-out to Scott Goodfellow at Good Media Online for being a real live person that talked me through my concerns. He's been hosting my website and other services for almost 10 years and I'm so grateful to his professionalism and support.

Seriously, if I can do this, then you have no excuses for not trying to do what you've set your mind to. Just do it!

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