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This lengthy entry is the original About Me on my Greeting Page. A good friend helped me whittle it down but I decided I couldn’t part with all of it so here’s the whole text. I love excess when it comes to words unfortunately and bottom-lining is not my strong suit!

For the record, I love words. I love reading words, playing with words and using words to support my vision of who I am and want to be. Words are extremely powerful, and I believe that words carry energy. That’s why I always remind people that the words they choose to describe themselves, out loud or in their own mind, can impact their perception of who they are.

As a Vision Coach I support people to be gentle with themselves and to create a vision based on acceptance and self-love. My main coaching tool is to be authentic in my own life and lead by example - being true to my personal values and accepting myself as I am has resulted in magical moments and the attainment of many personal goals. It’s not always easy, of course, as my ego likes to “protect me” from being judged as flaky or weird.

But I persist in being myself, striving to stay true to my intentions by minimizing the controlling behaviours and admitting to myself when I’m wrong. Staying present with the emotions that arise when we are out of our comfort zone is a challenge, as we prefer to disconnect and check out emotionally when fear and self-doubt creep in. The fact is, staying vulnerable and true to our values is how we get real and messy and connect to our creative self.

My photo is not your standard headshot, I know. It was taken in Grundy Lake Provincial Park on a gorgeous summer day in 2009 by my partner Phil. I love this picture because when I look at it, I can still remember and “feel” the happiness of being me in that moment--I’m camping with my family and friends and I’m loving life. My hair is messy, I’m not wearing makeup, I’m barefoot with warm sun on my skin and I have no immediate commitments. Oh, and I’m wearing my “movie star” sunglasses!

How simple and easy to truly like and love ourselves in the moments we are feeling free and unburdened. I’m a lot of fun when relaxed and full of expansive self-esteem! The challenge for me is to like and love myself when I am anxious, fearful, making comparisons, and wanting to shrink back into my safety zones. Being authentic is about accepting and loving ourselves even when we are feeling vulnerable, and triggered into saying and doing hurtful things we regret out of fear and disappointment in ourselves for not being perfect.

There’s actually something inherently beautiful about flaws. Our dining room table was handmade by Phil, and we love it because it’s warped, with epoxy-filled cracks and a messy underside of criss-crossed cuts. Yet every person who has entered our home comments on how gorgeous it is. They love the authentic feel of it, the fact that it was hand-made with love and that it boldly states “I am imperfect”. Except that it is actually perfect, for our newly blended Brady Bunch family of eight.

So I am striving to accept that perfection of being a beautifully flawed human being. I know that in my quest for authenticity, I am easily
inspired and moved by people who truly live their life and are free to explore. The idea of looking at everything that happens in my life as a result, rather than a success or failure is one that I am slowly embracing. I will live my life fully, with courage and love and the ability to laugh at and learn from my shortcomings instead of being ashamed of them. Some days that comes easily. On the days that I struggle I try to remember that I am, in Brené Brown’s words, always worthy of love and belonging. As we all are.

Welcome to my website. Hope to meet you someday if we don’t already know each other!

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